Thyroid Nascent Iodine

Thyroid Nascent Iodine - 2% Strength - 400 mcg per Drop

*Anti-Viral     *Anti-Bacterial     * Anti-Fungal
Safe and Effective
Thyroid Nascent Iodine

Thyroid Nascent Iodine

"Professional Grade Supplements"    

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I highly recommend Thyroid Nascent Iodine. I have used this product for about 4 years and it has helped my over-all health. I love this product.

Marv Bateman - Buffalo Bills - NFL All Pro - 76'



Excellent service and most outstanding products that deliver as promised.



After using the your iodine, I noticed a big difference in my energy levels. I also noticed alot of the brain fog disappeared. I have been telling everyone I meet that has hypothyroidism about this product. I felt I had been in a dark tunnel and now I'm able to see the light.

April E


I am taking the Thyroid nascent iodine. and I feel better then I have in years. I've only been taking the solution for a little over a month but almost from the 1st day started to have more energy to live my life. Thank you and I'm telling my friends too

Catherine L Harner

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Get Radiation Protection here with our Thyroid Nascent Iodine

The Most Powerful Thyroid Nascent Iodine Product Available!

Thyroid Nascent Iodine Stimulates the Thyroid to do it's Job
rather than replacing thyroid function.

* Over Active Thyroids * Under Active Thyroids * Goiters *
* Regulates Metabolism * Increase Energy *
Strengthens Thyroid Gland * Builds Immune System *
* Anti - Viral, Bacterial, Fungal Diseases * Production of T3 and T4 * and Much, Much More!

Get Results Today!

* Our Thyroid Nascent Iodine is Certified Organic Alcohol and is GMO Free *

* Note:  Raw Iodine is a halogen which is a poison to the body. The reason Cayce generated the concept of electrification of the raw iodine was to transmute it into the "atomic" state. In that state he said the body would go from a 50% absorption rate with raw iodine to a near 100% absorption rate. That is to say the body would then be able to fully recognize and assimilate the iodine in that form. This is why you want to stay exactly to the Cayce formula process and NOT deviate from his readings because otherwise you will then be taking small portions of raw poisonous iodine even though the body can handle it. This is also why a True Nascent Iodine will outperform the other iodine products. To compare it to other forms of iodine is of no value if the Cayce perspective is correct, as it no longer is a poison to the body and consequently you can take enough of it to stimulate the thyroids back into action without damaging the overall system.   Nascent Iodine is a scientific term for iodine where the iodine molecule has the diatomic bond broken and has a high amount of electromagnetic energy associated with it. A True Nascent Iodine cannot be made from a Glycerine or Water Base. Why? Because the diatomic bond cannot be broken in Glycerine or Water. This is why we do not deviate from Cayce's divinely inspired process. There are many companies that have come off of the Cayce readings. We will NOT...

Please listen to a radio interview
Radio Interview Adam Abraham with Dr. Mark Sircus about Iodine


Thyroid Nascent Iodine may be helpful in boosting the auto-immune response of the body given the recent events surrounding the advent with the swine flu and it’s possible implications.

Note: The thyroid has a lot to do with the immune system and when they’re stimulated with the Thyroid Nascent iodine, the immune system works better. It’s also very good at killing foreign matter in the body by itself such as virus’, bacteria, mold, and fungus.

*** More than you'll ever need to know about the Thyroid Gland - Thyroid Gland and Iodine Information

Thyroid Nascent Iodine

Thyroid Nascent Iodine is totally different from the typical iodine in its denser state sold as an antiseptic, or as iodine tri-chloride (claiming to be atomized), or as added to potassium iodine to make it safer(such as in the Pill form). It is also unlike glandular or prescriptions containing hormones that take over the thyroid's job, instead of nutritionally building the thyroid to do its own job like Seaweed, seafood, greens, raw sunflower seeds that are good sources of iodine, it may not have the levels necessary to support the thyroid fully for good homeostasis in the body. Sources from seaweed may contain certain levels of arsenic. Thyroid Nascent Iodine is considered nascent iodine. Otherwise, Thyroid Nascent Iodine Stimulates the thyroid to do it's job rather than replacing thyroid function.

Nascent Iodine is more potent in its action because of its
formulation, and because the toxicity has been removed.

"Iodine has many positive therapeutic actions. It is a potent anti-infective agent. No virus, bacteria or parasite has been shown to be resistant to iodine therapy,” writes Dr. Brownstein. This is an incredible statement but one that can easily be backed by hardcore medical science. It is the reason hospitals use iodine by the gallon and in reality the only reason hospitals are not like ground zero sites contaminated in an infectious sense is because of iodine's broad spectrum anti-infective power.

Few are the doctors who have realized that Thyroid Nascent iodine can be taken internally in moderate quantities and that it will have the same effect internally as it does on external surfaces. When we look at the fact that the entire focus of vaccines is anti-viral, that bacterial infections are becoming more threatening and more antibiotic resistant, that cancer is always accompanied by and or is a fungal yeast infection, we might begin to realize how iodine can again become a doctor’s best friend. Oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Rome already uses it for skin and breast cancer



Some of the Benefits of Thyroid Nascent Iodine

  • Supports Normal Thyroid Function (Hyperthyroidism - Hypothyroidism)
  • Helps Reduce Goiter
  • Thyroid Diseases
  • T3 and T4 support
  • Helps to burn off excess fat
  • Anti-Viral Diseases
  • Anti-Bacterial Diseases
  • Anti-Fungal Diseases
  • Anti-Parasite
  • Gastro Intestinal and Urinary Disorders
  • Malaria Fever
  • Various Infectious Diseases internal and external
  • Arthritis and Joint Diseases
  • Skin Diseases
  • Burns, Abrasions, Cuts
  • Mouth Diseases
  • Other Body Organ Diseases
  • and Many More Benefits...

I am very impressed by the product and the help I received when asking about this product prior to purchasing it! I am now using it for my thyroid condition and am happy with it more than I have ever been happy with Synthroid.....Thank you for being out there for me!!

Mary Linda Steffey


The iodine is really working. My temperature stayed at 94-95 degrees, sometimes as low as 93 .5 degrees. After taking a bottle of the iodine, it stays at 98 degrees. My energy level is much better. In the beginning, I took about 12-15 drops, now about 10-12.



Hi, can you recommend something for age spots?...I've been taking the iodine - LOVE IT!! I'm operating on partial thyroid and this is the best thing i've ever used...the only thing that's ever worked!




Great and the people are very nice. I got my things right away, they are very nice on the phone & really seem to care. I am staying with this company for the rest of my iodine needs. On that note, the thyroid nascent iodine has changed my life. I am no longer taking medicine for thyroids and it's 2 weeks in. I lost already so many symptoms and feel so much better; first time in a year and a half.

Thank you. Sherri Hoylman

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