Thyroid Nascent Iodine

Thyroid Nascent Iodine Tincture

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Thyroid Nascent Iodine

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I've tried nearly all forms of iodine and I can tell you that This Iodine is by far the most bioavailable form. Whatever Edgar Cayce did with this stuff to make it so "magical," You have recreated its powers. If you're seroius about getting healthy or maintaining your health, it's a no-brainer that you should take iodine.

I'm using it because of a neuropathy (nerve pain/damage) issue and I'm starting to see early signs of regeneration. Exciting times are ahead folks!

Andrew, of Texas,


I have a lot of women who I think can and will benefit from the iodine. Many are on herbs galore that are meant to reduce estrogen but their blood tests are not showing sufficient reduction in the estrogen dominance (against the progesterone balance.) I have one particular woman who tells me she used your detoxified iodine product as a douche (four drops in a pint of water) during her alternative treatment for cervical dysplasia (Grade 1 pre-cancerous). After the biopsy, she refused the cryosurgery and LOOP procedure and spent a year cleansing, changing her diet, adding high folic acid, B12, royal jelly, stress reduction, changing her attitude (big need for that!) and doing the douche as mentioned about once a week for several months with a month or so off. She commented to me that she felt "an instant cooling and calming relief" after doing the douche. Well, long story short, after one year she went back with a clean bill of health. Six months later she had another required test and she was clear. Six months after that, another test and she was clear. She continues with the changes she made, including taking the iodine (not sure how many drops she does) and watching her estrogen levels.

By the way, when she got her third "all clear" from her MD she asked the doctor (a woman) if she wanted to know what she did to "cure" her condition so that other women could benefit. The doctor said she wasn't interested in knowing anything about what she did. This is the same doctor who told her that she needed to have the cryosurgery and LOOP procedure because the chance of the cervical dysplasia going from Grade 1 to 2 and 3 during the one year period she planned to do her routine was "high and dangerous." So, when this woman came back with such a great report, she could not believe that the doctor was not as thrilled about it as she was. Her comment to me was that "the enthusiasm the doctor had for the two medical procedures was much more animated than the the look on her face when I got the all clear after three good PAP smears." What can I say?






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