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I am very impressed by the product and the help I received when asking about this product prior to purchasing it! I am now using it for my thyroid condition and am happy with it more than I have ever been happy with Synthroid.....Thank you for being out there for me!!

Mary Linda Steffey



The iodine is really working. My temperature stayed at 94-95 degrees, sometimes as low as 93 .5 degrees. After taking a bottle of the iodine, it stays at 98 degrees. My energy level is much better. In the beginning, I took about 12-15 drops, now about 10-12.



Fast shipping and well packaged these products are part of my new nutrition plan and I am looking forward to working with this company again

C A Taliaferro




Hi, can you recommend something for age spots?...I've been taking the iodine - LOVE IT!! I'm operating on partial thyroid and this is the best thing i've ever used...the only thing that's ever worked!





Great and the people are very nice. I got my things right away, they are very nice on the phone & really seem to care. I am staying with this company for the rest of my iodine needs. On that note, the thyroid nascent iodine has changed my life. I lost already so many symptoms and feel so much better; first time in a year and a half.

Thank you. Sherri Hoylman




I am taking the Thyroid nascent iodine. and I feel better then I have in years. I've only been taking the solution for a little over a month but almost from the 1st day started to have more energy to live my life.

Thank you and I'm telling my friends too

Catherine L Harner




After using the your iodine, I noticed a big difference in my energy levels. I also noticed alot of the brain fog disappeared. I have been telling everyone I meet that has hypothyroidism about this product. I felt I had been in a dark tunnel and now I'm able to see the light.

April E



To say the truth it is great and hope others find out that life is better when you can get what the body needs to feel great.

Sam Ulrich





Excellent service and most outstanding products that deliver as promised.





I highly recommend Thyroid Nascent Iodine. I have used this product for many years and it has helped my over-all health. Love this product.

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